PROJECT MANAGEMENT: approach used to manage work with the constraints of time, cost and performance targets.

LAURIE BUSKIRK - PROJECT MANAGER offers the owner, contractor or sub-contractor the experience of 20+ years in the project management field of the construction industry.  This service offers flexibility in acquiring proper management for individual projects to insure project success.  By developing a Project Plan, Laurie provides the basics of a project in terms of its objectives, justification, and how the objectives are to be achieved. This document is used as a record of decisions and a means of communication among stakeholders.

As an owner's representative, I coordinate all aspects of the project with the project team.  This allows the owner to be involved in the project to any degree they choose, also allowing absentee owners complete representation throughout the duration of the project.

By utilizing contract project management, company owners do not have to hire a permanent employee to manage the project, therefore, saving the owners costs in benefits and other employee expenses.

Example of Services Offered:


Company or Owner Representation
     Pre-Bid Meetings
     Jobsite Meetings
     Provide Complete Meeting Minutes


Permitting Process


Establish New File System


Streamline Existing Files


Bookkeeping - A/R, A/P, Payroll


Pay Request Applications


Bank Reconciliation


On-Call Service for Company Owner's Vacation Time


Asset Inventory with Digital Photos and Offsite Storage


Special Event Planning - Business Parties - Company Golf Tournaments


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